5 Best Ways to Get Paid for Traveling (2021)

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5 Best Ways to Get Paid for Traveling (2021)

Want to travel the world and get paid for it? Does it seem like a remote dream? Well, think again! In this blog we are going to cover all different ways, tips and tricks on how your can make an income while traveling the world. Like the sound of it? Let's get started!


Want to travel the world and get paid for it? Does it seem like a remote dream? Well, think again! In this blog we are going to cover all different ways, tips and tricks on how your can make an income while traveling the world. Like the sound of it? Let's get started!

1. Become a travel blogger

Are you interested in sharing you thoughts and opinions about traveling with other people. If so, travel blogging in the right option for you.

You can start by opening a website with tools like Wix, WordPress, or create a YouTube Channel to share your Vlogs.

Travel blogging has seemingly gotten more crowded over the last decade. However, it does not mean that you cannot become a travel blogger and actually make money out of it. In fact, it is actually pretty easy if you know what you are doing. Here is a short checklist of things that you have to remember for becoming the best travel blogger.

  • Write stories not anything

    Many travel bloggers tend to shove everything in their blogs. That is a big no-no! People engage with the story your write not just the value of the content. Make sure you write with a friendly and familiar tone while addressing your audience.

  • Be genuine and passionate

    People in the internet are ruthless. They will spot pretentiousness from a mile away. If you don't feel passionate enough for writing blogs, our advice: don't start it in the first place.

  • Be a traveling expert

    Worst thing is when travel blogger does not actually know the place they are writing about. It will irritate the readers and will have unpleasant consequences. Make sure you research the place you are visiting before your trip and write authentic story about it.

  • Decide on your revenue

    You have think about the different options for making money from your blog beforehand. These can be affiliate programs such as: Amazon, BestBuy, Booking, Travel Insurance, Skyscanner and much more. And don't forget about Google AdSense

Travel blogging is job that can be hard at start, but once you have overcame the hard learning and adaptation curve, you can, indeed, sustain an entire family with it while traveling the world and enjoying your vacations. Once I have heard of a man who was sustaining a large family with 3 kids just by travel blogging.


2. Become an influencer

Influencing term has been coined in the world of traveling relatively new. As a travel influencer your job would be to promote your social media channels, most notable of which is Instagram, with the authentic followers that you can reach out to. As an influencer you will be a figure you audience will look up to in the traveling niche.

In turn you will get lots of big dollars for promoting different brands, such as: travel agencies, tourism boards, restaurants and etc. It is also common situation when your customers can provide you an entire vacation to promote their product there.

Once you are ready for such deals make sure to explore various influencer marketplaces and sign-up for landing a decent deal. Some influencer marketing platforms are Grin, Upfluence and CreatoreIQ

Influencing being the main trend of last 5 years is relatively easier to start with than blogging. All you need is a phone with decent camera, and an internet connection and great experiences to share!

That said, you will have to dwell into more details of how Instagram works and marketing yourself in the digital world. Furthermore, you will not get the aforementioned deals unless you have enough numbers in your channel. Our advice, Research and invest your time properly with passion at heart. The dividends will be paid along the way!

3. Making Stock Images

If you have a decent camera and photography skills, selling your photos online is quite a business for a traveler. While traveling you are surrounded by unique aesthetic places, vintage buildings and beautiful scenery. Why not utilize this beauty to its fullest?

If you are traditional photographer you usually have to go through various hardships in order to find the desired customer. On the flip-side, however, selling your stock photos is type of job where you can start earning even today.

That said, it is usually quite tough to create worthy content that will bring you thousands of dollars. Why?

The market is growing very rapidly. Shutterstock alone now has over 225 million images with over 1 million more added every week. This means that, you will have to work harder and smarter than other contributors.

Additionally, the commissions fees for stock photo marketplace tend to get quite high. Below you can see the starting commission fees for various marketplaces for stock images.

Stoch Photo Marketplace Pricing Comparison

Selling Stock images requires time and dedication of at least couple of years if you would like to make a passive income of several hundreds of dollars per month. If you are already into taking quality and creative picture on your travels, you should definitely start uploading them to Stock Image Marketplaces.

4. Brand Ambassadorship

In our digital world there are numerous brands out there who are looking forward to increasing the brand outreach. One way for this is to have a person(ambassador) who is going to travel to various places and represent the brand in a positive way. If you have the charm, charisma and you are well-spoken, brand ambassadorship might the best option for you.

Earning as a brand ambassador starts with building your social media profile. Instgram, Facebook, Linkedin all are equally valuable for your way to success. Have authentic, vibrant content by utilizing the correct keywords. The keywords will determine in which Google Search results you will appear in. Polish your social media presence and update it regularly with new amazing content.

Once you are well off in social media make sure you shortlist and contacts with the brands that are genuinely interesting to you. Contacting brand would make you realize what type of people a brand truly needs, and if you are suitable you might land an interview. Display you communication skills, sense of humor and wit and everything will be GREAT 🙂.

If you love interacting with a community, building a following and presenting your brand loyalty, being a brand ambassador could be a great path for you. Start by working in your free time, after work or on weekends. If you build up enough of a following, you may be able to be a brand ambassador full time.

5. Delivering Items for other people

And lastly the fastest and most profitable way of earning money while traveling is delivering products for locals in the country you are traveling to.

There are millions of people who would like to purchase an item from the country you are traveling from, be it original French perfume from France or new headphones from the US. If you have some extra cash to purchase a product and receive it with extra reward after you deliver it you, can make up to 600$ on a one-way trip.


Additional perk of delivering items is that you will meet many locals on each of your trips. You can make new friends, ask for places to visit that only the locals know about and socialize in your newly arrived destination.

We, Briddgy, are a fostering this process for our travelers. You can signup and add your trips details in Briddgy and start receiving delivery offers from people in the city that you are traveling to.

Briddgy also guarantees your payment so you can be assured that the purchased product will convert to real profit after you deliver.


Traveling and getting paid might sound far distant from reality, however, we can assure you that with enough efforts it is very possible and in fact sustainable. All of the strategies described above can be mixed and matched based on own interests and profit. You can be an influencer, photographer and an ambassador and use Briddgy to make extra cash on your trips 🙂


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