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Traveling cheap with Briddgy

Briddgy enables you to travel abroad while getting paid. Start planning your trip by finding cheapest places to travel, cheapest flights and hotels. Add you trip details to Briddgy and make money traveling. Get paid for traveling internationally now!

Traveling cheap with Briddgy

Traveling the world cheaper and getting paid with Briddgy

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Traveling cheap with Briddgy

How to travel cheaper with Briddgy

Cheap international flying is made simple with Briddgy. Follow our guide on traveling with Briddgy and get paid for each trip


Add your trip details

After finding cheapest hotels, flights and planning your trip add it to Briddgy. It only takes 1 minute!

Get or send delivery offers

Once your trip is added, orderers are going to offer you to deliver their product. You can also offer your services to orderers for free. Don’t forget that you can bid for different rewards once you make offer.

Buy the product and deliver

Once we capture the payment from your orderer you can safely purchase the product and deliver. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your orderer along the way.

Get paid

As you have delivered the product in a safe place ask your orderer to confirm the delivery. We are going to release your money in 1 week once this step is complete.

How to travel cheaper with Briddgy

Information for travelers

Follow our travel blogs on various trips and trick, life-hacks about traveling and getting paid. Explore interesting places to visit. Find your pefect summer vacation in post-pandemic world and start traveling and earning money with Briddgy.

How to Travel with Briddgy

How to Travel with Briddgy


Traveling and getting paid is a dream come true for most travelers. This guide will cover the basics of starting traveling with Briddgy.

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4 Simple Steps to Maximize Suitcase Capacity {How to}

4 Simple Steps to Maximize Suitcase Capacity {How to}


Packing your bags for maximum space is a common trouble our fellow travelers face. The more items you pack the more delivery offers you can complete and thus get paid. Here are some tips and tricks on packing your bags.

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5 Best Ways to Get Paid for Traveling (2021)

5 Best Ways to Get Paid for Traveling (2021)


Want to travel the world and get paid for it? Does it seem like a remote dream? Well, think again! In this blog we are going to cover all different ways, tips and tricks on how your can make an income while traveling the world. Like the sound of it? Let's get started!

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Our picks for cheap places to travel

Follow our guides on interesting and cheap places for traveling. Find cheap international flights and hotels. Explore interesting travel destinations and places for visiting. Find your perfect summer vacation in post Covid world and get paid for traveling

Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)

Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)


Most tourists travel to Argentina to learn the argentine tango and drink argentine wine. For those who are looking for adventures in wild places, Argentina is a treasure, as is the eighth-largest country in the world with the population in the country concentrated within cities keeping huge areas untouched.

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Arrange to meet in a public place with your shoppers via Briddgy messenger.


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