Terms and Conditions

1. Subject

briddgy.com is a social network, developed to arrange a communication between people who travel to other cities and those who need to send or bring something from different cities. When we mention Briddgy, we mean briddgy.com, together with affiliated applications and websites. These terms and conditions have the purpose of governing access to and the terms of use of the social network. Please read them attentively! You should understand and recognize that Briddgy is not party to any agreement or contractual relations of any nature between its users. By clicking “Accept”, you recognize having read and accepted all these general conditions of use. If you do not agree to the Terms, you may not access or use the platform. These Terms of conditions contain important information about Your legal rights, remedies and obligations.

2. Amendments to the Briddgy, Terms of Use and Documents Incorporated

Briddgy is constantly changing and improving. In our sole discretion, we reserve the right to modify it, add or remove features or functionalities with or without notice to you. If we tend to make changes to those Terms, or the other document incorporated by reference here, we'll post the changes to the Terms of Use pages of our website.

3. Who can use Briddgy?

You may use Briddgy, including its features, or become a member of the platform only if you are 18 years old or older (if the age of majority in the country in which you reside is greater than 18). You warrant that you have the authority, capacity and right to enter into and be bound by the Terms and that by using Briddgy you will not be violating any law or regulation of the country in which you reside. You are responsible for your compliance with all applicable local regulations and laws.

4. Verification

For the purposes of transparency, improving trust, or prevention of inappropriate accidents, Briddgy is suggesting its members to go through several verification procedures including email, and phone verification. By clicking “Accept” button and becoming a Member, you agree that the we may send you text (SMS) messages. Briddgy does not charge you for such messages. We are also keeping the right to check or recheck the information provided by the user. In spite of these precautionary measures, Briddgy still cannot guarantee the 100% truthfulness, reliability or validity of the information subject of the verification procedure. In case when Briddgy detects and confirms an inaccuracy in the information provided by the user, the account belonging to that person will be blocked. The person will not be able to use the platform again. Our team will continuously work on improving platform security and come up with the new and better ways of person identification for the better user experience.

5. Use of the social network

5.1 Sign up, activation.

For sign up only email, name and surname are required. To activate the account a member should upload a profile photo. The photo has to belong to the owner of profile. An image processing system will check the picture. In case the photo is not real, the account will not be activated and will not be seen by other members. To place an order or post your trip date phone verification is also mandatory.

5.2 Functionality of Briddgy

After successful sign up, activation and verification all the members have equal rights to utilize Briddgy services. You are free to post your future trip information on the “Add trip” page. Our automatic system will suggest you members who placed an order related to your destination city. Orders could be placed on the “make order” page. The system will suggest you travelers who are planning a trip to the corresponding city at the date indicated in the order. All the members of the Briddgy community can make use of our integrated chat to agree on the details of the order and trip.

5.3 Behavior of users

You recognize being totally liable for respecting all legal guidelines, regulations and duties applicable to your use of the platform. Furthermore, when using Briddgy you undertake: a. not to post on Briddgy any false, misleading, malicious or fraudulent information; b. not to post any content on the platform of an injurious, defamatory, vulgar, offensive, pornographic, aggressive, obscene, uncalled-for, threatening, violent, harassing, xenophobic or racist nature, or with sexual connotations, inciting violence, hatred or discrimination, the use of illegal substances or encouraging activities; c. not to register more than one profile and not to open an account in the name of a third party; d. not to try to bypass security and verification systems of the platform e. not to contact another member via our website and apps, for purposes other than placing shipment orders and carrying those orders.

5.4 Ratings and trust

Our platform utilizes a rating system. Members have the right to rate other members with whom they had a deal. The rating consists of a point ranging from 1 to 5 (higher is better). They also can leave comments after each deal. It is expected that members with the higher ratings will earn trust and have more deal offers. Moreover, in order to enhance trust among our members we included one more personality verification layer. In order to get a “verified” status the user will have to upload his picture in a way described further. The face of a user should be clearly visible and fingers placed according to the instruction. This picture is only needed for the verification purposes and will not be used or saved anywhere in our platform. We highly recommend all our users to verify their accounts.

5.5 Prohibited items for sending

  1. Stolen property
  2. Firearms, ammunition, explosives or chemicals
  3. Pornography or obscene materials
  4. Illegal drugs or regulated drugs (prescription) in violation of law
  5. Any item that is prohibited by law in the place of origin, destination or any jurisdiction of transit through between origin and destination
  6. Knives, batons or other weapons
  7. Counterfeit goods

6. Undertakings of Briddgy

Briddgy is a social network, mediator and escrow service. It is not held responsible on the transfer of goods between its members. Users are free to set prices and rewards where Briddgy will mediate the transactions. Briddgy will try as much as possible to maintain the website and apps accessible 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. However, access to the social network may be temporarily suspended, without notice, due to technical maintenance.

7. Applicable law

These T&Cs are written in English and subject to English law. You can also, if necessary, present your complaints relative to our Platform or our Services on the dispute resolution platform placed online by the European Commission. The European Commission will send your complaint to the competent national ombudsman. In compliance with the rules applicable to mediation, you are bound, before any request for mediation, to have notified Briddgy in writing of any dispute in order to obtain an amicable solution.


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