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Shopping Cheap with Briddgy

With Briddgy you can shop online cheaper with flexible international delivery enabled by our travelers. Buy Electronics, Toys, Clothing and much more from stores like Amazon, eBay and Best Buy and save up to 50%. Enjoy your shopping like a local!

Shopping Cheap with Briddgy

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Shopping Cheap with Briddgy

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Buy interesting products from Briddgy Store and get them internationally delivered through travelers on Briddgy

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Traveling cheap with Briddgy

Briddgy enables you to travel abroad while getting paid. Start planning your trip by finding cheapest places to travel, cheapest flights and hotels. Add you trip details to Briddgy and make money traveling. Get paid for traveling internationally now!

Traveling cheap with Briddgy

Traveling the world cheaper and getting paid with Briddgy

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Traveling cheap with Briddgy

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Follow our guides on interesting and cheap places for traveling. Find cheap international flights and hotels. Explore interesting travel destinations and places for visiting. Find your perfect summer vacation in post Covid world and get paid for traveling

Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)

Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)


Most tourists travel to Argentina to learn the argentine tango and drink argentine wine. For those who are looking for adventures in wild places, Argentina is a treasure, as is the eighth-largest country in the world with the population in the country concentrated within cities keeping huge areas untouched.

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