Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)

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Ultimate Guide for Traveling to Argentina (2021)

Most tourists travel to Argentina to learn the argentine tango and drink argentine wine. For those who are looking for adventures in wild places, Argentina is a treasure, as is the eighth-largest country in the world with the population in the country concentrated within cities keeping huge areas untouched.

Why travel to Argentina?

Talking about the Argentinian nature, landscape and climate diversity of the country can't be skipped! The variety of regions with totally different atmospheres makes tourists visit Argentina year-long independent on specific tourism seasons.

These reasons and a few more are described below for you to be sure that Argentina is the next destination you should visit!

Variety of climate zones

Argentina is perfectly suitable to visit in almost all seasons, as it is a country with a great diversity of climate zones. Argentina is lying on warm, moderate, arid, and cold climates with many other micro-climates within them.

The best time to visit Patagonia is summer in Argentina which is between December and March. You will never find warm weather there as it is located in the South of Argentina and close to Antarctica. The great adventure to travel to this area is summer hiking in the mountains to watch spellbinding views of nature.

North Argentina is suitable to travel for a whole year long as it is always warm. For North Argentina, especially its capital Buenos Aires the best time of the year is between March and May or September and November.

Another tropical area with warm weather that is great to visit year-round is the Iguazú Falls area. The term "Iguazú" means "great waters" in the Guarani language. The great Iguazu Falls fall for up to 82 meters and the border with Brazil. Being one of the major tourist attractions it is worth a visit.

Argentine wine

If you want to feel particularly pleased by drinking a glass of wine in the same country where it was grown Argentina is the place you need to visit.

Over the past few years, Argentina that was not included in a list of global wine countries became the New World's fastest-growing wine exporter.

Malbec that is considered as a Bordeaux variety imported to Argentina from France is the leading grape in the country. Other than that red varieties produced by Argentina include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bonarda, and Pinot Noir, while Torrontés is a signature grape among all white wines in Argentina.


As a country that is known as fun-loving, huge, and diverse Argentina has many festivals. Most festivals are happening in the summer months but there are many more that take place at any season of the year. Festivals are a great way to explore the country and witness Argentinian culture among young people, good music, and amazing drinks!

Buenos Aires tango festival

It is tango time! How any Argentine travel guide could be done without mentioning tango! Buenos Aires tango festival is the biggest event in the city. Everyone might go to the festival no matter whether you are a professional or amateur dancer. Even if you know nothing about tango it won't prevent you from watching masterful tango performances, take classes and have fun! If you would like to know more about tango the two-week celebration will be enough to start!

Coquin festival

Coquin festival which is one of the most popular festivals in Argentina takes place in the modest town Cosquin. This festival lasts 9 days during the second half of January. The festival started just as a musical competition then turned into more folklore parties including food stalls, drinking competitions and of course music!

The Carnival Gualeguaychú

The Gualeguaychú Carnival known as “the Carnival of the Country” is considered one of the best in the world together with the Carnival that takes place in Rio de Janeiro. It became popular in Argentina and all countries worldwide. The Carnival time in Gualeguaychú is dedicated to January, February, and the first week of March. Fascinating parts of the carnival are water bombs, traditional customs, and well-known country murga parades. Popular music genre Murga takes place in Argentine carnivals performed alongside acrobatic movements and percussive instruments. Being part of such Carnaval or just watching the energy that flows among all people thereby music and dances makes you spend time there enjoyingly!

Travel restrictions in Argentina

For June Argentina's borders are closed for non-resident foreign travelers. There are few exceptions as permission for Argentine Immigrants, such as non-resident essential workers, family members of Argentinians, or residents.

All travelers must have a Covid-19 PCR test within 72 hours of traveling. The exceptions of having the test are applied to crew members, transiting the country through the international airport in 24 hours, also to those who had confirmed coronavirus within 90 days of the trip.

The Argentinian border remains closed for other foreigners until July 9, 2021.

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