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How to shop cheaper with Briddgy

Cheap shopping and international delivery is made simple using Briddgy. Follow our guide on shopping with Briddgy and buy anything online easier.


Add your order for free

Enter the product URL if it is from an online store or product name if it is from a local store in a different country.

Get or send delivery offers

Once your order is added, travelers will offer to deliver your product. You can also offer travelers your product.

Secure the payment

Pay for the price of the product + reward for the traveler's service. We are will store the payment and release to traveler once delivery is complete. Travelers are buying the product with their own money.

Receive the product

Message with your traveler in Briddgy and arranga a meeting in a public place to receive your product. Confirm the delivery as soon as you get the product for us to release traveler's money

How to shop cheaper with Briddgy

Frequently Asked Questions

How is payment guaranteed?

Your payment is guaranteed and secured by Briddgy. Shoppers pay upfront and cannot cancel once paid.

Who is paying for product?

You buy the product so that you own it and are aware of the contents.

How are deliveries arranged?

Arrange to meet in a public place with your shoppers via Briddgy messenger.


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